Bagaceira, translated literally, means the pile of “bagaço” or bagasse left over after the extraction of sugarcane juice. In Brazil, the word has other nuanced meanings: a wild party that goes until dawn; the rough hangover that follows; my tangled hairdo; a sticky situation or someone who is bad-ass and ready to rock n’ roll. The word is alive; it sparks emotion. Linguistic creativity transforms a simple image of a messy pile of organic trash into a variety of unexpected characters and contexts.

Bagaceira Project works to create materials and objects that embody this transformative spirit and we invite you to join us as we turn trash into treasure for our built environment.


Julia Steketee
Designer & Material Researcher

Julia's design and making practice centers around bio-based material development, natural building techniques, and the circular economy. Julia earned her BFA in Furniture Design at Rhode Island School of Design and her MA in Design for Emergent Futures at Instituto de Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya (IAAC) & ELISAVA Escola Superior de Disseny. She has worked at award winning furniture design studios such as Jabuticasa and Jan Hendzel Studio and as a welder, woodworker and ceramic assistant for blue-chip artist, Genesis Belanger. In 2023, she completed a postgraduate program in Management and Communication of an Applied Design Project at ELISAVA & Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências (ISEC Lisboa). Her research focused on the potential of sugarcane bagasse as a material for the interior design and interior architecture sector and laid the foundation for the Bagaceira Project.